Exclusive "Inch of gold" online seller


How long have you been in business?
Since 2001.
How do I purchase "custom made chains any size" online?
It couldn't be easier. All chain is sold by the inch from just $0.99 per inch. Just click on the chain that you like and type in the box how many inches (including the clasp) that you would like. We then custom make the chain here and send it to you. It's that simple!
How do I order multiple chains of the same style of chain?
After clicking on the photo of the chain you like, type in the total number of inches you want in the "# of Inches" box. For example, if you want three twenty inch chains of the same chain design, then simply order the total number of inches needed - in this case 60 inches. Then during the check out process, in your cart, you will see a "Special Instructions" box. In this box you can type any special instructions you may have, including multiple chains of the same chain style. For example: "I want three twenty inch chains for the 60" of the Rope Chain I ordered."
Do you sell pre-made chains?
NEVER! We don't even like mentioning that "word" here. You'll never get a pre-made (ouch!) chain from us. All Chains by Design chains are custom made for you to your exact requirements.
What is the chain made of?
  • • Inch of Gold is 18K gold-layered chain with Acryseal, an exclusive protectant that ensures long lasting wearability.
  • • Inch of Silver is .925 sterling silver-layered chain protected with Acryseal.
  • • Rose Gold is 18K rose gold-layered chain protected with Acryseal
  • • Crystal Chain All crystals set in all of our chain are genuine crystal stones.
Does the total length of each chain include the clasp?
Yes. For example, if you choose a 20-inch chain, it will be a total length of 20-inches including the clasp.
What kind of clasps go on the chains?
Only the highest quality clasps are attached to your chains of choice.
Do I pay extra for the clasps?
No. The clasps are free.
Is there a minimum or maximum of how short or long a chain can be?
You can make the chains in any length that you like. OK, how about from 3 to 300 inches?
Are the chains guaranteed and if so, how?
Absolutely. All chains come with a free guarantee in writing from the manufacturer who's been in business since 1982. The breakdown of how the chains are guaranteed is as follows:

Inch Of Gold™, Inch Of Silver™, Inch Of Rose Gold ™
  • • Guaranteed to be repaired or replaced at no charge with no time limit. This covers anything for any reason that would cause the chain not to look as good as the day you received it.
Do you have a clear return policy?
Yes. We have a very liberal return policy in addition to the manufacturer's guarantee that covers the product after that period. Please see 'SHIPPING & RETURNS" for details.
Is there a minimum purchase?
What type of payment is accepted?
Major credit and debit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover are accepted. We also accept checks and money orders via snail mail.
Can I get a chain sized to the 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch length?
Yes-and we'll do it for you at no extra charge! For example, if you want a 7 1/2 inch chain, just order 7 inches and tell us you really want a 7 1/2 inch chain in the "Special Instructions" box in your cart. We will make your chain as close as possible to the extra length you want.
Do I have to pay sales tax?
You do not pay sales tax unless you are in the state of Florida.